I always say I was “born to teach”. However, for some reason  I chose to focus my undergraduate and postgraduate majors on the Business field.

I had always wanted to evolve my empirical teaching skills, so I took the CELTA course, and it has been quite an experience: challenging myself to re-learn what it takes for teaching English as a Second Language has been both enlightening and useful for my professional growth.

If you currently are an ESL teacher with lots of experience, very little teaching academic background and eager to take your career to the next level, this course is for you, hands down!

The CELTA course provided by International House Guayaquil was an incredible experience for me. Before the course, I had never taught a class in my life, but the tutors helped me along the way, and they dedicated time and effort to help me reach a Cambridge-teaching-standard. Throughout the CELTA, you get to work with students from different nationalities with different levels, so you really get a real-life experience of what it’s like to teach English outside of CELTA. For me, the best thing about the course was that, despite having to do it online due to COVID regulations, I never felt distant from my tutors or from my peers. We all became close with each other and we all helped each other through this amazing, 8-week-long, learning experience. The course really puts you up to speed with all the skills and proven methodologies that guarantee you can teach anywhere in the world